Saturday, October 26, 2013

Down 125 Pounds!

Hi there! This is me. I have lost 125 pounds to date.

I still have a heck of a lot more to go, but it feels so amazing to not have to worry about things like waking up with a sore back or twisting my ankle due to excessive weight.

I can work at my desk for hours with no problems, and I get buggy now, which is nice since I have the energy to be physically antsy.

I can even sit in the back seat of a car and I fit into the seat belt, which, as many of us who have lost a lot or who have a lot left to go (keep working at it!), that's a major accomplishment!

Of course, losing weight isn't easy, but it's great having a job because I'm out of the house and focused on things other than just food. As well, ever since I ditched my perfectionist leanings, even when I stall, I still keep going because I love the way I feel.

When I work from home, I tend to snack more. When I work, I have to cook before I leave the house, but it ensures I have something  enjoy later for lunch. I pack bento these days and have three boxes!

I'll share pictures of those soon, along with more pictures of my cubicle (I told you I was going to share fluffy stuff)....

I love working because it's always something new and exciting every day, and I get to exercise my creative self (even if my physical self laughs at the prospect of doing anything that breaks an actual sweat). Maybe I'll share some of what I'm working on eventually! But only if you're interested.


  1. I am so happy for you, Jamie! Congrats on all of your hard work! *HUGS*

  2. Thanks so much! It felt pretty cool to be able to wear some super cute clothes to work. I am so psyched!

  3. You're just a neat little package of amazingness.

  4. Hot stuff!! I have a confession, when you commented about being a 6x at one time and now 1x is too big I didn't really know what that meant. The other day I was out thrifting and found a 6x blouse. HOLY MOLEY WOMAN!!!! I stood there stunned thinking about how much you have accomplished. I've always loved your attitude and we have a lot of the same geeky likes but hell bell's you rock hard!

  5. YOU are an inspiration to me - and to lots of people! YOU rock rock rock!

  6. You look great - - your are an inspiration to all of us -- thanks for sharing !!